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Career in Politics & Goverment through Vedic Astrology

Native with the Moon in the sign of Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Mercury becomes popular and leading politicians. Strong position of Moon in the birth chart gives the tendency of how to rule on people and collect more and more votes from them. A good leader attracts people by his speeches. He consoles people of fulfilling their needs. So mercury plays a vital role but with peace and intelligence. Mercury the planet of communication should be well placed in order to gain popularity among the masses through his impressive speeches.

Now a days getting votes is a blessing of the good position of the Venus in the birth chart of political leaders. It also gives the administrative power and carefulness. These days, instead of honesty, dishonesty rules; instead of justice, injustice rules. So now a days its role has become very vital.

Jupiter must be in benefic postion in 9 th house or 10H or 10L must be connected to 7H or 7L. When 10th house or lord has connection with 7 th house people gets success in politics. Rahu must be connected to 10 th house. Sun has great importance and connected to kingdom so sun position in 10 th in its own sign or in its exalted sign is important.

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When sun has connection with 10 th house and rahu have connection with 6 th , 10 th , 11 th houses then people usually gets success in his political career. If native have strong 2 nd house and mercury he can be a good orator. If Saturn and Mars have connection with 10 th house then the native comes in politics to serve in favour of people. Saturn must be placed in its own sign or in its exalted sign. Saturn placement in the 6 th and 11 th house is also favourable. Mars should be placed in his own sign or in its exalted sign.

“Who Can Become a Politician”, Predicts Astrology

So when both connected make the native leader. It gives strong leadership power the native. Sun represent king and Moon represent Queen. If these planets in strong position in horoscope means exalted or in own sign in 10 th or Kendra and when Rahu also got connected with the houses of politics then it makes the native successful politician. A well placed Sun gets respect, authority and reputation in the society. Sun must have connection with 9 th or 10 th house. Sun with Mercury is considered good and its placement in 2, 6,12 houses also leads to success in politics.

Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury with a benefic aspect of Jupiter is a good combination for success in politics. Moon gives the tendency of how to rule on people and collect more and more votes from them. People having ascendant as Cancer or Leo are born leader if their lord have connection with 10 th house and Rahu also got connected with the houses of politics. Jupiter and mercury placement in the chart also have great importance.

Both should be strong in the horoscope. Mercury placement with sun is considered good. Only Mercury cant give native intelligent until Jupiter position is strong in the birth chart and navansh also. Jupiter as a teacher advices what to speak and when to speak. Jupiter represents Justice, purity, service to the mankind.

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Jupiter represents country economy also. So Jupiter position as an advisor and as a finance minister is very important.

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When Jupiter is in Kendra from Moon gives worldwide fame to the native. Amatyakarak: Rahu and Sun. When amatyakarak is Rahu or Sun gives native qualities and interest for political career. Rahu is the key planet in Politics. Rahu is a powerful and malefic planet.

This is a favorable planet of the politicians. He gives them great opportunity and power to rise in the politics through any means fair or unfair. It is the planet of manipulation, policy maker, an expert of making strategies and can execute them also. Rahu gives talents, guts, intelligence, cleverness to the native to adept the situations and talk accordingly. Sun indicate highest position in the society as sun is the king in itself so give kingly status and qualities.

“Who Can Become a Politician”, Predicts Astrology

Sun gives authority power, good administrative power, popularity, power of gathering people, magical personality power of good leadership, etc. So sun is the most important planet for political manner. Navamash and Dashamansh kundali. D9 and d10 charts also given same importance and is seen for the real position of planet and yoga they forming.

Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury with a benefic aspect of Jupiter is a good combination for success in politics. If Cancer as ascendant and Jupiter placed in the 11th house with Sun, Mercury, Venus placed in the Aries, it form raj yoga and success in politics. Saturn and Rahu placed in the Ascendant, Mars in the 10th house with Jupiter in trikona 5th or 9th house in Pisces or Sagittarius aspected by Sun leads to political success.

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