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Higher-ups look on you favourably for the next 3 weeks (and for the next 12 months) but complications remain until May, My advice: be.

The reader generally takes a few days or even a week to locate the respective leaf leaves in bundles which the reader has brought over from India. In one case case No. In my case case No.


This short interval, in addition to the fact that I was a stranger in South India, would have excluded fraud through the reader seeking out information about me from outside sources. The distribution of 'planets' in the natal horoscope as stated in the leaf which is described during the definitive reading and not revealed earlier by the subject, is an important verification of the correspondence of the reading with the subject.

It is important to state that this correspondence is not used for the selection of the leaf. Beginning with the first chapter corresponding to the 'house' of an astrological chart which confirms the identity of the leaf the subject may choose for reading, any of the remaining 11 houses which deal with various aspects of his life, eg. Although the time of birth is not used for identifying the leaf the exact horoscope distribution of the planets, birth star, rulership periods is given on the reading.

This indicates that the client's time of birth is implied in the leaf-reading, because an accurate horoscope cannot be drafted without the exact time of birth.

This suggests that the reader is not using a chart drafted by him on the occasion of the consultation for his reading, excluding this device as one possibility of fraud. On the appointed day, the leaf is read, while a tape recording is made. In one centre of the case documented below there were several readers and translators, one pair dealing with a given leaf. After each sentence or part of it, the reading is translated if the subject so wishes into his own language by a translator; the translation is recorded at the same time.

The leaf has often been known to state that the subject will have the reading only at the age and year at which he seeks the reading.

Indeed I personally know of one case case No. It is remarkable that over an age-span of 60 odd years of this subject, this period of 3 months when his was away, was his 'appointed' time for having his leaf read. There is no discussion between reader and subject except initially when the subject is asked to verify that the leaf is indeed his, from his date of birih, and names of the subject and of his parents, and on occasion from key facts of his life, eg.

The absence of such a discussion excludes the possibility of the reader 'fishing out' information from the client.

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The reading states all significant facts from the time he was born including where be was born eg. It is again to be emphasised that, although the subject does not initially state his time of birth, the horoscope that is described necessarily entails a 'knowledge' of the time of birth because the natal horoscope depends on it for its accuracy. The events are related to astrologically determined 'periods'; under the rulership and sub-rulership of specific 'planets'.

In my fathers' reading case No. Tamil subjects who have had their readings and who have seen the writing on the leaves are of the opinion that the language was not modern Tamil. Indeed one subject case No. Translations might involve a distortion or obscurity of original meanings.


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In this case No. It is not unexpected that the writing which was probably made centuries before the invention of railways, failed to identity "iron and fire" as having referred to a steam locomotive in which his father was an engine driver. In my father's case No. In another case case No. At her first reading the translator gave it as 'teacher' which was correct, but after retirement she was indeed a counsellor in a different line of work. The word 'counsellor' was a better translation of the Sanskrit word "upadeshana '. In this reading, the subject was told she had 'high blood pressure and cholesterol', which are terms in modern medicine and certainly could not have featured in an ancient script.

In the latter instance, the interpretation by the reader or translator might explain the use of modern terms. It is invariably so that the past, up to the time of reading, has been entirely and uncannily accurate, down to the details of personal names. In my instance o. The reader however read the selected leaf and said my father's name was 'Don Patrick', which was correct. My father had seldom used the name Don, and I did not mention or write that name during tins session.

Having been a South Indian reader whom I had not met before, and having had my reading made 2 hours after giving my thumb print, it was not possible for him to have fraudulently ascertained the name Don. What does seem to go wrong m some cases is the future, Why this is so is controversial and hypotheses abound. One suggests 'that, as much as the events described in the writings are based on the idea of karma cumulative consequences of one's past deeds , a person's future depends not only on his past karma especially from deeds committed in his previous lives, 'but also on his deeds and consequent karma in his present life, which can modify his karmic account, modifying in turn the events of the future.

It is relevant that a current view on the perennial debate on free-will versus determinism is that the answer probably lies in the idea of 'compatibilism' Searle which accommodates both determinism and free-will, just as much as Radhakrishnan, the Indian philosopher-statesman compared the situation to a game of cards in which the predetermined determinism pack of cards is dealt out as a hand to each player, who can then use the cards as it pleases him free-will.

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The meticulous performance of propitiatory rites or poojas as correctives for 'bad' karmic effects as prescribed in the readings as a determinant of the fruition of the predictions could also be another basis of the explanation of why the future, as described on the leaf, is not always correct. In these instances, perhaps the poojas were not done as prescribed. It is apparent that the phenomenon of the ola leaves cannot be studied 'objectively' or by quantitative, controlled experiments, as one would do in normal science or even with other putative psi phenomena - eg.

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GESP with Zener cards under controlled, experimental conditions, statistics etc. The approach that seems possible with the ola leaves is that used by Ian Stevenson in his analysis of cases suggestive of re4ncarnation, or the legal approach to gathering what could be circumstantial evidence, with corroboration from independent sources, and certainly the elimination of fraud. In this respect, another parallel is the validation of ideas in astro-physics and theoretical physics: ".

These things have to be deduced from circumstantial evidence especially hard for black holes which by their nature reveal little about themselves" General Relativity. The Economist, , Nov 8th Yet it is possible to make some investigations such as whether the readings are off a written script. In this case re-reading at a later date, of the same leaf, should give an identical reading.

If it is not identical, then some telepathic event at the time of reading might account for its accuracy,. That this does not seem to occur is suggested by the fact that the subjects who have had correct readings did not give their correct name, nor address nor other relevant personal details. Such a source of fraud is also discounted on the facts that 1 the gap between the giving of the thumb print and the actual reading after the selection of the leaf has been as short as one or two hours, making it impossible for the reader to do 'research' on the subject's background; 2 confidential details pertaining to the subject, but which have not been known to anyone else, or not documented, have been read or commented on with great accuracy; 3 specific predictions, borne out as correct by subsequent events, have been recorded.

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Indeed, years later, he did get married to a Tamil girl, but her surname differed from what was predicted. On checking with her parents after marriage, it was revealed that their family name had indeed been changed many years before, and the original name was in fact what was stated on the subject's leaf Neither the subject nor the girl was aware of the original name. Other examples of accurate predictions made for periods of up to several years in the future, would also exclude fraud of this type, and are recorded below. Another obvious type of fraud could occur when the reader by skilful questioning, draws out the information from the subject himself in the guise of needing that information for verification of the ownership of the leaf.

In my personal experience and that of others, such 'fishing' did not occur. The only questioning by the reader was solely for verification of the identity of the leaf from basic facts date of birth, names of subject and family members related to the subject, before the actual reading. Each session covers only 2 or 3 chapters and when the subject returns, days or weeks later on appointment, the same leaf identified by a shrewd subject by its physical appearances such as tears and marks is taken up again to continue the reading.

Further evidence in refutation of the possibility of fraud as pertaining to an instant astrological reading instead is that when a person who once had a reading went back for re-reading of the same leaf, a near-identical reading was made on the second occasion, as described below.

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The investigator was herself proficient in astrology. She had readings her son's case No. The facts and the sequence of the facts given in the four chapters thus tested, were closely similar. If the reading were a concoction or all instant reading from a chart made at the session by the reader from his knowledge of astrology, successive readings on widely separated occasions could scarcely have been identical.

In case No. It is a less stringent refutation of the possibility of fraud that the reader was a visiting South Indian while the subjects were from many different parts of Sri Lanka or even from other countries, who had not known the reader until their consultation with him. Reader - a south Indian, resident in Sri Lanka for over forty years. F's ola reading case No. C was told of her father's reading by her mother AL.

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